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4.9 inch, Single Blade, Lockback,
Sheath Knife, Brown Acetal Resin Handle

Schrade, Old Timer, 7OT,
Cavebear, Sheath Knife

Schrade, Old Timer, 7OT, Cavebear, Sheath Knife

Ships Priority Mail from the factory in Tenn.
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Item: Old Timer 7OT, Cave Bear
Sale Price: $21.95

100% hand-inspected
Knife Specs:
Weight: 0.7 lb.
Type: Single Blade Lockback Sheath Knife
Closed Length: 4.9"
Knife Lock: Back Lock
Handle Material: Dark Brown Acetal Resin
Blade Edge: 3.9 inches, plain
Blade Type: Clip
Blade Material: 400 series Stainless Steel
Blade Color: Silver
Sheath Material, Leather
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Foreign Made.

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Schrade, Old Timer, 7OT,
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